Tips For Network Marketing Success

Tips For Network Marketing Newbies

If you are thinking of joining a network marketing home based business (also called a multilevel marketing business or MLM), there are several points to consider.

What is Network Marketing?

According to Wikipedia, network marketing is a marketing structure used by some companies to promote and distribute their products by selling directly to consumers and through a compensation plan which rewards distributors for their sales efforts and the sales efforts of the distributors they introduce to the company, thus forming a hierarchy or pyramid of multiple levels of compensation.

Pros and Cons of Network Marketing

In the past, and particularly in the USA, network marketing has had a bad name because of allegations of price fixing, unethical conduct, misleading representations of how much distributors can earn, and accusations that MLM is the same as pyramid selling.

To be fair, these allegations, which led to a historical court case and the introduction of new legislation to protect consumers, arose from the conduct of one particular network marketing company.

Does this mean that you should steer clear of all network marketing business opportunities?

Tips for Network Marketing Success

If you are serious about taking up a network marketing business opportunity, the best network marketing tip I can give you is this.

When deciding which company to join, choose one that…

  • is ethical and responsible
  • is interested in helping you do well,
  • distributes quality products you would be happy to use yourself,
  • and that offers you unconditional access to a support network of like-minded people and quality training tools and resources that are necessary for your business success.

The top network marketing companies know that supporting you to succeed is just as important as, and perhaps more important than, the income opportunity itself.

This is very important because it means that you will not find yourself thrown into the deep end and left to figure out how to talk to a network marketing lead or MLM lead, an issue that is very real if you have been never been directly involved in sales all your working life.

More Tips For Network Marketing

The second network marketing tip I want to give you is this: do not be tied down by your affiliation with a specific company. You may feel at this moment that you are going to stay with Company X for the rest of your life. But what if that company dissolves, or you decide to stop distributing their products? There goes your source of income. It’s the classic advice of not putting all your eggs in one basket.

A very good way to avoid limiting your income creation potential is to combine the Internet and network marketing. Just ask yourself: how big is the internet? The 2010 statistical projections from ClickZ and the CIA are that 1410 million to 1830 million unique individuals will use the Internet in 2010.

Use your creative brain and an effective internet marketing system to channel some of this power to distribute your network marketing company’s products and promote your network marketing business opportunity in a way that does not rely solely on your affiliation with one company.

To help you understand what is required of you in network marketing and whether it might be one of your best career choices, I have written two network marketing articles which I invite you to check out.

Serena Tan, Basic PLUS Author

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