Online Business Career Training For Serious Passive Income

Why are we writing a page on online business career training?

Because you need it.

At this moment, there’s too much hype on the Internet about how easy it is to make money online, and decent hardworking people are getting hurt.

Spreading awareness through good quality online business career training is our way of making a difference.

How Big Is The Internet?

A January 2009 Netcraft web server survey registered responses from more than 185 million sites.

Now you get an idea of how what it means to be truly successful online.

Here’s a question for you.

What if after pouring months or years of money and sweat into your online business, you still don’t make any money?

Alexa has got a category called Top 500 Sites. What if no one even seesyour website because it’s got a search engine rank of 1,001,001?

That is why you absolutely must understand the rules of the Internet and how you can use them in the best possible way to enhance your online profile and visibility. You need online career business training that actually works.

Ethical Decision Making: The Core Of Online Business Career Training Excellence

Elsewhere on this site, I wrote about a counterintuitive but highly effective way to do business on the Internet. I called it ‘People First’. You can read about it here. ‘People First’ turns conventional marketing wisdom on its head because it refuses to assume that everyone who visits your site is a target for your online business. It chooses instead to treat your visitors with respect, as the human beings that they are. It focuses on building trust by consistently delivering valuable benefits.

Not that making money isn’t important. But its proper place is afteryou’ve earned it. Like respect, it’s got to be earned.

I call this the Ethical Decision Making Model That Works. Why ‘ethical’? Because it’s focused on making someone else’s life easier and better. It’s not just about you and making money for yourself.

How do you accomplish this?

Online Business Career Training Rule 1

Deliver Excellent Content.

You can’t get around this. What you say has got to be so credible and so compelling that people want to click through the pages of your website because they find your content so interesting and relevant.

Give them a strong reason to come to you rather than go to your competitor. You can only achieve this by writing rock-solid content that is well researched, easy to read and relevant and useful to your reader.

Don’t know how to write? Don’t feel confident about your standard of English?

Don’t worry. There are all sorts of resources to help non-natural writers become expert Net writers, and we’re happy to recommend you those we find most credible.

That’s actually the easy part. The hard part is still yours. Will you take it and make it work?

Online Business Career Training Rule 2

Build And Own Your Traffic.

Your traffic represents the number of people who come to your website to find information. Without traffic, your online business is as good as non-existent.

Some Web solutions providers will recommend that you buy leads, and they like to assure you that your leads are “hot” and “unique” and “qualified”.


If you have to pay for leads, you will find it hard to build a sustainable business because once you stop paying, your flow of leads also stops.

You need to find alternative ways of generating interest in your website and getting your visitors to stay long enough to take an action that you want (for example, read your review, buy a product or fill in the contact form).

Online Business Career Training Rule 3

Build Relationships.

Find a unique and authentic way to connect with your readers so that they come to like you and trust you. If you do it right, they will start to see you as an expert in your niche and they will pay attention to your views. This makes them more likely to give you a virtual stamp of approval when you recommend a certain product or service.

Then and only then do you sell your products or services to these satisfied readers.

People first, profits last.

Does Online Business Career Training Work?

Yes. If you are willing to do the work, it will work for you.

Is it easy? No.

Building an online business is not a means to get rich quick. You have to be prepared to slog. The results may take a while to see. But you will see results if you keep at it, and help is at hand if you need it (as we all do).

Can online business career training help you gain financial freedom and give you more options in life?

I will make no false promises or guarantees here. But I will tell you that many people have created happier, richer, more satisfying lifestyles for themselves and their loved ones. They all share one thing in common: they combined Web technology with knowledge and passion and created viable online businesses based on an ethical decision making model.

Here are just a couple.

Success Story 1

Amber of used the ‘People First’ concept to leave her 9-to-5 life and build a business centered on her passion for crafts.

Success Story 2

Todd from loves to watch his son dance. He doesn’t need to wait for weekends to do it. He can do it everyday. He has built up his online business to the point where he can work the hours he wants. He too used the ‘People First’ concept to build a website that works.

There are hundreds more examples like Amber and Todd.

Is there any reason why YOU can’t be one of them?

PS. Beware of “success stories” that aren’t really. One way to check out whether a website is doing as well as it claims is to do the Alexa test.

How To Tell If A Website Is Really Successful

Here’s what you do.

Click on the graphic you see below.

SBI! Traffic Test

Next, scroll down to where it says Get To The Alexa Point Test.

Now, key in the URL of the website.

What does the ranking say?

If it’s more than 1 million, that’s not a good ranking. Why? Because there are more than 185 million websites on the Internet!

Even if it were 500,000, is it enough to capture the attention of your target audience?

Just for perspective, let’s see what the Alexa rankings of some popular sites are.

Google: 1

Yahoo: 2

SiteSell: 2,059

StevePavlina: 13,731

QuintCareers: 17,792

How does Website X fare?

For more tips on how to see through fake success stories (what site building expert Ken Evoy calls Mooch Marketing tactics), read his fascinating blog post.

Your Action Challenge

What ONE online business idea would you implement today if you had all the resources you need and you knew you could not fail?

Picture yourself a year or five years from now. You own a thriving online business selling services or products that people want. Your business is accessible to people all over the world. You never have to worry about closing for the day or about different time zones.

You make money when you go on vacation. You make money when there are other important things to work on. You make money even when you sleep.

If you’re smiling and thinking “Maybe I can do this”, step up to the plate.

You are ready to find out how to begin building your own income-producing journey.

Take the first step. Watch this video.

Now rise up and take action!

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