Are You Over 35 and Feeling Stuck and Demotivated at Work?

Are you over 35 and sick of working in a job that pays the bills, but drains you of real joy and satisfaction?

Do you make a New Year’s resolution every 31 December to do something different, something you’ll really love, then freak out when you actually have a chance to do it?

You can’t sleep at night stressing about finances, family and future, when you should be enjoying a well-deserved rest.

You pull back in panic each time you’re about to say yes to a new opportunity.

You know you don’t want to repeat the same old pattern of the past 10 or 15 years, but tomorrow morning you’ll wake up and repeat the whole process.

How did it come to this?

The Cost of Doing Nothing

If you agree with everything you’ve read so far and do nothing with it, I can guarantee what will change in your working life this year.


12 months from today, you’ll be complaining about being stuck professionally, and making yet another New Year’s resolution.

It gets worse.

Fast forward 10 years. You are older, less energetic and more frustrated. The window of opportunity will seem to have shrunk a bit more.

In 20 years, you may be officially retired. By then, you may be a shadow of who you could be, worn down by all that you’ve put up with to stay certain and safe. You may regret that you didn’t seize the opportunity to make some different choices. The window is just about closed, and you’ve missed your chance.

It’s all the fault of your age, your boss, your qualifications, the economy, luck.

Or maybe it’s about choices and consequences.

The Better Alternative

If I could show you a simple four-step system to make choices that will create professional and personal fulfilment that is sustainable and achievable for you and true to what you most value, what would it be worth to you?

$10,000? $100,000? More?

What price tag can you put on sleeping peacefully every night and waking up to go to work in a job you love?

Personal development expert Tony Robbins says change happens in an instant. Why wait for another New Year when you can start today to make that change and enjoy the benefits sooner?

If you have had enough of professional pain eating into your personal happiness, I invite you to take the next step.

Book an introductory 30-minute consultation and find out:

  • What inspires you and what is important to you personally and professionally
  • What’s keeping from enjoying professional fulfilment and satisfaction right now
  • How to feel good about what you do and have fun working again
  • Where you stand, on a scale of 1 to 10, in your level of commitment when it comes to taking responsibility for your choices and outcomes
  • What happens next after you say yes to yourself and your future.

You have one life. Live it to the max, and make it your best gift to those who love you and whom you love.

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